Simulation of Cataracts

In order to simulate the effect of cataracts on vision, we have created this vision “test.” The vision simulation should give you some idea of how your vision will change with cataracts. As you move the dial to the right, the cataracts will steadily worsen until they appear severe.

Severe cataracts do not only affect the clarity of your vision, but they can affect the brightness and clarity of colors.

If you notice any changes similar to those simulated in this vision test, you should speak to your eye doctor immediately. Only your eye doctor will be able to evaluate your vision and determine whether you have cataracts. If you are diagnosed with cataracts, your eye doctor will be able to discuss cataract treatment options.

Interactive Cataracts Vision Test

This test is a simulation of what your vision may be like if you have Cataracts. This test is not intended to replace a visit to your eye doctor or serve as a self diagnosis. Please contact your eye care specialist if you are experiencing any problems with your vision.

If you have any questions about cataracts, please visit the common questions page.

Please contact us for more information about cataracts or to set up a vision screening with an experienced eye doctor in your area.