Choosing Your Cataract Surgeon

Choosing an eye doctor or cataract surgeon to perform your vision test and operate on your cataracts can be a difficult process. It is important that you find a doctor that is both experienced and makes you feel comfortable.

Initially, you can look in a variety of places for your eye doctor. This will help you to get an idea of what you are looking for in a cataract surgeon.

You can look for a cataract surgeon by:

cataract eye surgery
  • Going to the American Academy of Optometry website.
  • Using a search engine to find an ophthalmologist or optometrist in your area.
  • Looking in a phonebook.
  • Talking to friends and family who have had cataract surgery.
  • Contacting us. We can connect you to a qualified surgeon in your area.
  • Getting recommendations from your general doctor.
  • Looking in medical directories.

You should initially make a list of potential candidates that you can narrow down to choose your surgeon. There are many qualifiers that can help you focus your choices into the perfect cataract surgeon and eye doctor to suit your needs.

Some things you may consider when looking at potential surgeons include:

cataract surgery
  • Your surgeon’s credentials — it might be important to know whether your surgeon is a member of any optical organizations and how long he or she has been practicing.
  • Your surgeon’s history — you should ask your surgeon how many cataract procedures he or she has performed and the results of the procedures.
  • Testimonials — you might wish to see if your surgeon has any patient testimonials. They will give you a good idea of what other patients thought of your surgeon. You may even be able to find a third party source of testimonials online that can give you a greatly unbiased view of your surgeon.
  • Your surgeon’s and staff’s attitude — when you call to set up a consultation or a vision test, you should consider how the staff treats you over the phone. Additionally, you will want to see how you are treated, by staff and doctor, when you are in the office.

After you have considered all of your potential cataract surgeons, you will need to make the decision about which surgeon to trust with your eyes. With an experienced and personable surgeon, your cataract removal experience will be pleasant and gratifying.

Please schedule a free cataract surgery consultation if you would like more information about cataract surgery, or to speak to a qualified cataract surgeon in your area.