ReZoom Intraocular Lens

ReZoom is an intraocular lens (IOL) that can be used to replace your eye’s natural lens. It is designed to give you better vision after cataract surgery.  ReZoom is what is known as a multifocal lens, different from the monofocal lenses that have been common in cataract surgery in the past. Monofocal lenses give good vision for near or distant objects, not both. Most people would wear glasses or bifocals to get functional vision after cataract surgery.

Now, advanced technology IOLs may allow many patients to function without glasses or contacts.

How ReZoom Works

Our eye works by focusing light from an object onto the retina. To see objects at different distances requires focusing light from different distances onto the retina. Your natural lens does this by changing shape, a process called accommodation, but most artificial IOLs cannot do this. Instead, they are what is known as multifocal lenses, designed to simultaneously focus light from different distances on the retina, which allows your brain to select the clearest image.

The ReZoom lens has several concentric optical zones, each designed to focus light from different distances onto the retina.  The ReZoom design, like all multifocal IOLS, creates multiple images of an object, but your mind can pick the focused image and discard the unfocused ones. You might think this is hard, but the brain does this all the time–it’s a normal part of binocular vision to resolve multiple images of the same object, and most people have no trouble after a short adjustment period.

What Makes ReZoom Different

ReZoom has five focal zones selected on the basis of utility to give most users clear vision for most of the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Because these zones are concentric, they are also arranged by taking into account light conditions, since bright light makes your pupil contract. These zones are, starting from the center:

  • Distance-focused for daytime driving
  • Near vision designed to let you read in moderate to low light
  • A second zone that gives distance vision support in moderate to low light
  • Another near vision zone for a wide range of lighting conditions
  • An outer ring to give good distance vision and help sight during night driving

Whether this approach to multifocal vision will work for you depends on your vision habits and anatomy. To learn whether ReZoom or another advanced IOL is right for you, please contact us to schedule a consultation with an ophthalmologist in your area.